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Beta Platinum Thick T Black Liner - 38 x 58, 2.4 mil

Beta Platinum Thick T Black Liner - 38 x 58, 2.4 mil

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Von Drehle Elegance™ TAD White Hardwound Towel -7.9"x800'

Through air-dried technology is a process through which the sheet is dried by passing air through the sheet as compared to conventional dry or wet crepe paper machine process which uses heated dryer rolls. This TAD process results in a softer, stronger, and more absorbent sheet, which equates to more hand-dries per case. Softer, stronger, more absorbent. One ply.

Von Drehle Preserve® Household Roll Towel - 85 ct.

These clean, bright towels are ideal for cleaning and wiping and have a wet strength that keeps them from breaking up on tough jobs. 2-Ply; 9" x 11". Green Seal™ Certified.

Von Drehle Preserve® Jumbo Roll Tissue - 1000', 2 Ply

Made from 100% recycled fiber. Green Seal™ Certified. With fewer refills required, maintenance time is reduced up to 90%, and the larger roll helps control pilferage. A perfect combination of quality and economy, these economically priced jumbo rolls are ideal for high-traffic locations. Tissue will not clog plumbing, safe for septic systems.

Windsoft Ktchn Rl-twl 2ply 11x8.8 84sh Whi 30c

Easily handle even the largest clean-up jobs. Soft to the touch with premium embossing and enhanced absorbency for home-like performance away from home. Made from 100% recycled fiber content. Product contains 40-70% post-consumer and 100% total recovered...