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Tolco® Automotive Style Window Squeegee

Tolco® Automotive Style Window Squeegee

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Rubbermaid® High Capacity Vinyl Replacement Bag

PVC lined, leak-proof vinyl bags hold up to 34 gallons, improving productivity by reducing the number of trips to empty waste. Zippered front access makes waste removal easier. 33" L x 10.5" W x 17.5" H. Yellow.

SSS® Industrial Looped Wet Mop - Medium

Multi-purpose mop has good absorbency combined with extra durability. Tough, absorbent, blended 4-ply yarn. Features tail bands to prevent tangling, looped ends to prevent fraying and for launderability, and quick drying headbands on wide styles.

SSS® NexGen PK Pocket Microfiber Mop Pad - 18", Blue

Offers a "No-Touch" solution for attaching and removing mops. Fights cross-contamination by using a single, clean mop. Reduces chemical usage by 75% Significantly reduces water consumption. 1.5 gallons of cleaning solution will clean 8,000-10,000 sq ft. Unique design allows for cleaning of floors and surfaces, as well as side, edges, and corners. Constructed of durable, uniquely designed fibers that can stand up to tough jobs and repeat laundering.

SSS® MicroPower Cloth - 16" x 16", Orange

Electromagnetically charged microfibers attract and hold dust, dirt and grime. Microfibers provides superior absorption, making this cloth ideal for cleaning or dusting any surface, wet or dry.

SSS® NexGen Microfiber Cloth - 16" x 16", Yellow

Microfiber cleaning cloths are ideal for wet or dry applications and leave surfaces dry and streak free. Use on counter tops, metal, plastic, glass or any hard surface.

Windsor® Exhaust Filter

For Sensor S15.